Mr. Sanket Salvi

Mr. Sanket Salvi

Name and Bio:

Mr. Sanket Salvi


Enthusiastic, innovative, and forward-thinking academician and technologist with over 7+ years of experience in multifaceted roles requiring project management, teaching, training, and solutions architecture. Co-author of 28+ internationally published and well-cited technical papers. Co-creator of various requirement specific web and mobile apps as a freelance consultancy. Skilled in the areas of Internet of Things Hardware Prototyping and Testing, Technical Writing, Project Pipeline Design, and Simulations. Motivated and eager to advance my career with a growth-oriented, technically-advanced organization. Enthusiastic about new technologies such as autonomous electric vehicles, vehicle platooning, P2P energy trading, and Machine Learning.






Ph.D. (Info. Tech.)[NITK, Thesis Submitted]

M.Tech. (Comp. Networks) [VTU, Belgaum]

B.E. (Computer Science Engineering) [Pune University]



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-          To design and develop efficient Photodiode based Visible Light Communication Prototype and Modulation Technique

-          To design and develop efficient Optical Camera Communication Prototype and Modulation Technique

-          To  design  and  develop  efficient  Visible  Light  Communication  based technique  with respect to Data Rate, Error Rate, and Distance for IoT Applications



-          All the objectives are met, currently working on building applications based on the applied research.


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Awards and Achievements as a faculty/ teacher




He had been part of the development team behind Rain Water Harvesting Advisor Web-Based Software Solution which was jointly funded by IISc, Bengaluru, and UNESCO. He is the author of more than 20 papers published in reputed international conferences and book chapters. His research interests include the Internet of Things hardware prototyping and testing, pipeline design, and simulations.


Mr. Salvi is a Life Time Member of the Computer Society of India. He was the Winner of Unisys Cloud 20/20 Challenge, in 2016, for the project on road health monitoring system.



Academics : 03 Years

Research : 05 years


Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Basic and Advanced Java, C Programming, Discrete Mathematics, Web Development.