Dr. Sushila Aghav Palwe

Dr. Sushila Aghav Palwe

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, MITCOE [11 Years], ICCP Coordinator [Computer Department] ,ISO Coordinator [Computer Department] ,SPPU Exam Senior Supervisor,SPPU Exam Paper Setter, Appriciation and Special Jury Award in Project ” Computer Assisted Electricilty Saver” [BCUD Sponsored Project], BCUD and QIP funding [325000], Consultany Project [ Blackberry : Finding Missing Child] , CSI Member, IAENG Member

Ph.D (Computer Engineering) Pursuing
M.E. (Computer Engineering)
B.Tech. (Computer Engineering)

Research Papers:
Research Papers 1 : “Color Image Retrieval Using DFT Phase Information”, IEEE Conference ICCUBEA-2017
Research Papers 2 : “Color Image Retrieval using statistically compacted features of DFT transformed Color Images” Springer Conference IC4S 2017
Research Papers 3 : “Topic Modeling On Online News Extraction”, Springer conference ICICC 2017

Patents :
Method and apparatus to delect the symptoms of malnutrition in child , TEMP/E-1/2876/2017- MUM

Teaching experience : 13.9 Years
Research experience : 4 Years

DBMS,Advance databases,Business Analytics and Intelligence, Data Mining and Warehousing, Visual Programming, Data Structures,Principles of Programming Languages, MIS, Object Oriented Programming